How to Create the Perfect Contemporary Living Room

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The living room is a space dedicated to relaxation and quality time with friends and family, which is why it is so important to make sure that your space matches the decorative style of your whole home.

If you are considering revamping your living room, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing a contemporary style. Below you will find five tips that can help you transform your living room into a modern and inviting space.

Go for a basic colour scheme
Choosing the right colour for your living room can go a long way. To achieve the contemporary look, it is better to play it safe and avoid using large amounts of intense colours. Your best bet is to go for a two-tone colour scheme, where you combine subdued tones like cream, white, chalk grey or teal, with accents created by adding splashes of contrasting colours such as red, orange, aubergine or black.


Choosing the right furniture
One of the keys to achieving a contemporary look is to choose furniture with simple and clean lines. In other words, go for minimalist furniture that doesn’t create a cluttered feel.


Create open spaces
Open-plan living rooms help create the illusion of space and appear more welcoming. Before you start tearing the walls down, think about how you can plan an open space that is both functional and attractive. You don’t even need to remodel the whole living room, as simply creating additions like floor-to-ceiling windows can make a big difference.


The importance of lighting
Lamps, shades, pendants and wall lights can all be used to turn a tired-looking living room into an ultra-modern space. One of the best options when it comes to designing a contemporary living room is recessed lighting, which is affordable, easy to install, has a sleek appearance and can be individually adjusted to create different atmospheres, from soothing to vibrant.

Getting it right with blinds
Curtains can take up unnecessary space and make your living room feel cluttered and old-fashioned. On the other hand, wooden blinds are a more modern alternative to curtains, as the wooden material helps with the sleek minimalistic approach.

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