How to Keep Your Blinds Clean

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Blinds can help you control the amount of light entering your home and can also offer you required levels of privacy. However, blinds tend to attract dirt and grime very easily. That is why it is important to clean new blinds regularly to maintain their appearance. Here are some simple and easy tips that we at Saffron Blinds advocate to make the task of cleaning your blinds easy and less laborious.

• Use a feather duster to dust blinds and get rid of light dust. Alternatively, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth to dust them. Make sure you rotate the blinds while dusting to remove accumulated dust from the front and rear surfaces.

• If you haven’t cleaned the blinds in a few weeks, the dust will settle down. This requires moist, soft cloth. Wipe the slats gently, so that you do not bend or damage them. If you have metal blinds, remove them and lay them on a plastic sheet in your garden and hose them down. Do not use water on fabric or wooden blinds, as they will get ruined.

• Polish wooden blinds with dusting spray and soft cloth. Make sure you close the blinds before spraying. Use a gentle hand to polish both sides.

• Fabric blinds can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner. Attach the upholstery attachment and run it on the slats. If the fabric has stains, use some warm soapy water to clean just the stains. Remember to use a mild detergent to avoid fading.

• Make it a point to clean the blinds in your house on a weekly basis. This will prevent dust from getting ingrained into the blinds. Deep cleanse the blinds every three to four months if you want to maintain their appearance.

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