Choosing Blinds For Your Bathroom: 3 Key Elements To Consider

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Blinds are a perfect choice for bathroom windows – providing a light and airy finish to your windows rather than the heavy feeling that curtains can bring. But choosing which blinds you want to adorn your bathroom can present a challenge in itself. Due to the nature of bathroom use, blinds for this room should be considered differently to the rest of the rooms in the house. Here, Saffron Blinds have put together three key elements to consider when choosing bathroom blinds.

1. Waterproof

It is important to ensure that your blinds which can withstand the damp, humidity and splashes which come with day-to-day washing. Consider how closely your window is located to your shower and the room’s ventilation; this may be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing your blind fabric. If they are in very close proximity, it may be worth going for PVC blinds, but if you have a larger room and your windows are a decent distance from your shower, you can probably get away with other forms of fabric. Wooden blinds may provide a nice rustic look, but they are the most likely to rot and warp, so avoid these for the bathroom if you can.
2. Privacy

You will also require adequate privacy whilst showering and bathing, so you need to ensure that your blinds can provide this. Try Roman blinds or roller blinds, as you don’t need to worry about visibility through the slats. Blackout blinds are also a great option, but they will limit the natural light which comes through.
3. Décor

Ultimately, your choice of blinds is down to your personal style and preference. Here at Saffron Blinds, we can offer a wide selection of beautiful blinds in different fabrics to suit the décor of your room. Choose from stripes, floral prints and bold colours to find your ideal blinds, and we will personally tailor them to fit in your bathroom.

Saffron Blinds offer a fantastic selection of blinds across Royston and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to find out more, please call us on 01799 521026 or contact us online.

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